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When it comes to choosing an estate agent to sell or let your house ... ‘Whites know Wilton’ Monday 10th June 2019

When it comes to choosing an estate agent to sell or let your house ... ‘Whites know Wilton’

Established in 1957 Whites estate agent boasts a strong heritage not just with Salisbury where our office is based, but also with the surrounding villages where we sell and let houses, one of which is Wilton.

A little bit about Wilton

For those of you unfamiliar with Wilton, it is an amazing historic town dating back to the Anglo-Saxons in the 8th Century 'AD', and by the late 9th century it was the capital of Wiltshire, a Shire of the Kingdom of Wessex. 

Wilton has been the site of many a battle.  In ad 871 Alfred The Great fought and lost an important battle there against the Danish Armies. Despite further attacks, Wilton remained a prosperous town, as recorded in the Domesday Book.  After the surrendering of Wilton Abbey to Henry VIII. In 1539 during the dissolution of the monasteries in 1541 much of the estate was granted to Earl William Herbert of Pembroke, upon which Wilton House was built and is still a focal point of Wilton.

Today Wilton is perfectly positioned as a unique standalone town with a great history – Did you know the town is famous for its carpets which have been manufactured in Wilton since the 18th century?  It is such a pretty place, but within close proximity to Salisbury for further amenities or jobs. It also boasts many shops, places of interest, garden centres and leisure facilities; plus it is surrounded by stunning countryside.

Whites strong links with Wilton

Whites are a family company with a history strongly entwined with Wilton. Our MD, Marcus Shepherd spent his formative years in Wilton. His great grandfather William Shepherd (known as Will) was Mayor and Alderman of Wilton. His son William (known as Archie, Marcus’ grandfather) was the first person to build on Shaftesbury Road and had sole ownership of Dalston Terrace. Still today the family owns two houses there.

Archie was also a grocer at 21 North Street (per the picture to the left). Not to forget Marcus’ father Trevor Shepherd (who was the former owner and Senior Partner of Whites) and was born in Wilton. He was part of a team instrumental in our close relationship (which remains today) with the Wilton Estate using former Wilton Estate land to create  Salisbury and South West Wilts Sports Club, located between Salisbury and Wilton.

The following are Whites top highlights of places we love and think make Wilton special:

Wilton House

We love Wilton house. It is a beautiful English country house with amazing grounds too – and great playgrounds for those of you with kids. It has been the country seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years. For car enthusiasts - do lookout for various car events there too and also Walk for Wards raising money for Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal.

Wilton House

Italianate Church

We love this wonderful and super impressive Italianate Basilica of St Mary and Nicholas which was erected to a design by TH Wyatt in 1840-1845 under the patronage of Catherine Woronzow and her son Sidney, Lord Herbert of Lea, 12th Earl of Pembroke.

Italianate Church Wilton

Salisbury Race Course

We love Salisbury Racecourse based in Wilton. They annually stage sixteen flat race meetings between the end of April and early October. For people with families note they have great family race days too!


Wilton Garden Centre and Café

This a great place to visit for those with green fingers. It also has a popular aquatic shop, a huge shopping area, and a great café.

Wilton Community Centre

Located in the centre of Wilton it provides a great location for conferences, meetings, classes, socials, parties, jumble sales, bazaars, private parties, coffee mornings and has parking for twenty-five cars.

Wilton Shopping Centre & Wilton Carpets

This has a variety of shops and cafés.
Wilton Shopping Centre

Great pubs and cafes

For dog lovers - Whites love Monty and Mabels Cafe 

Other great pubs too are:

The GreyhoundPembroke Arms and The Bear


There is a popular market twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Park & ride

There are a great park and ride system from Wilton to Salisbury

What Whites staff say…

With a number of Whites staff having lived or still living in Wilton, here is what they have to say..

Matthew (from our Sales Team)
“I lived in Wilton for 15 years and feel it is a town that has everything you want in terms of amenities”.
June (from our Lettings Team ) still lives in Wilton.
“I love being able to access the town centre so easily; but also the great walks that are available for me and my dog.”

Suzanne (from our Sales Team) 
“I used to rent in Victoria Road and was overwhelmed by the sense of community.  As you walk down North Street everyone says hello”.

Jeremy (Our Inventory Manager)
“Two generations of my family lived in Shaftesbury Road, Wilton . I loved living there and particularly loved the Recreation Ground where I played tennis.”

The White word on Wilton’s houses

Over the years Whites have both sold and let many houses in Wilton. We think Wilton has a great mix of houses with types to suit all. There are character cottages in the town centre, new builds on Wilton Hill and 1960’s bungalows on Bulbridge Road. For those wishing for woodland walks on their doorstep, living on the Wishford side of Wilton will give you good access to Grovely Woods.

For more information on properties in Wilton or in other areas of Salisbury or the surrounding villages please contact us on 01985 841 650 or email residential-sales@hwwhite.co.uk 

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